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MIREYENION means Jewel of the Ages and she is indeed a rare treasure -- the kind of mare that countries may go to war to possess.

A unique golden bay, Miree is a true jewel, one of the rare breed who shines with an inner beauty that compliments and even enhances her gleaming, shimmering coat and deep honey-golden eyes. The regal blood of Nahar shines through in this young lady, not only in her regal nature, generous to those she loves, but in the way her coat shifts in the changing light from soft cream to a rich shimmering chocolate.

She's a young mare, still growing and just started training, but shows the promise of an elegant build that will be fleet of foot or do well in leading a royal procession. She'd be an excellent choice for an Elven-lady or Queen due to her gracious acceptance of admiration.

She's already shown the heart to be fierce in battle, but in this her beauty and rarity will be a curse as it's unlikely a king would allow such a treasure to face real danger -- if he has the choice. Miree is strong willed and strong minded and likely to take matters and handle them in her own way rather than bend to the will of someone she judges to be wrong. This bent causes problems in every way from her position in a lineup, to the color and richness of the jewels of her tack, to the order at feeding time.

While she is generous and loving to those who pay her her due, she's incitefully jealous and has been known to discipline individuals for paying too much attention to other horses while she is at hand.

Woe betide the forces of Darkness should they covet and steal this indomitable filly as she would be likely to meet the rescuing army with the Dark Lord's bloody crown proudly clenched between her teeth.

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Becky Burkheart said...

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