Welcome to our barn ~ I host and maintain this page because it's fun! It started years ago with the occasional emails I got from gamers who needed horses in their role playing and from individuals who show model horses, as well as many authors who needed horses for their stories, found my horses' photos on the web and wanted to use their descriptions. ~~~ Do you see one you like? Consider it yours. You're welcome to use any of these directly, use one as a template or combine traits and characteristics to create a completely new one. Many of the horses are listed under their real names. If they have a mundane name, I gave them a 'fantasy' name for this page. Authors of original works are encouraged to change the names of the horses who are named in Quenya or Sindarin or after characters in published books. Otherwise, feel free to use or change the names as is appropriate.



Glamdring is a big solid chestnut gelding with a heart as big as the world. He has a big splash of a star and a wide strip and snip that gives him a white nose. He has high socks on the back, a short sock on his right front and just a little dab of white on his left front that you can see from the right, but not if you're standing on his left side.

The first son of a lead mare, he'll take advantage where he can, but he's very happy to tuck in and "yes, ma'am" and "no, ma'am" when you call him on it.

He's a well-trained, well-rounded athletic, suitable for any level of rider and would be an excellent choice for a hero who's headed out on a quest. He has a big engine and will go all day at a smooth, steady pace that won't wear out the rider. He loves to jump almost as much as he loves to run, he's even been known to jump out of his corral.

Glamdring's most infuriating fault is that he loves to rub his head and has learned to scratch his bridle off. The biggest problem with that is that he's likely to hang it on something, a tree-branch or a fence post, or if you're mounted, he'll rub it off on his knees and you have to dismount to fasten back on properly.

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Becky Burkheart said...

Glamdring is for sale.

Please inquire here: http://www.theoriginalseries.com/020401colt.htm for his current real-world information.