Welcome to our barn ~ I host and maintain this page because it's fun! It started years ago with the occasional emails I got from gamers who needed horses in their role playing and from individuals who show model horses, as well as many authors who needed horses for their stories, found my horses' photos on the web and wanted to use their descriptions. ~~~ Do you see one you like? Consider it yours. You're welcome to use any of these directly, use one as a template or combine traits and characteristics to create a completely new one. Many of the horses are listed under their real names. If they have a mundane name, I gave them a 'fantasy' name for this page. Authors of original works are encouraged to change the names of the horses who are named in Quenya or Sindarin or after characters in published books. Otherwise, feel free to use or change the names as is appropriate.



Landroval is a striking wild bay, with a glistening deep, red coat and the typical shining dark mane and tail, but without the high black socks most bay horses have. Instead, his legs are shaded, darker toward the hoof and only shadowed up toward the knee. He has an even more unusual trait - dusted up the front of his front cannons, a sprinkling of fawn colored hairs that shimmer golden when the light catches them. With his atypical coloring and splashy white face and socks, he wouldn't be a good choice for someone who needs to remain inconspicuous because he is definitely an attention-getter and easily recognizable.

Landroval is a very kind and loving young horse, but not very brave. He would be a better choice for a courier than a knight. He's fast and very athletic, as well as quick-thinking, and might serve well as a mount for an assassin, although he's elegant enough to be an excellent choice for a traveling minstrel or even a lord's daughter.

His worst habit is an affectionate nuzzle that proceeds a nip. His long-time companion has been a cantankerous donkey and so he sometimes exhibits a propensity to want to play rough. While he needs gentle understanding to nurture his generous nature, he is still young and needs a firm hand to guide him in remembering polite behavior.

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