Welcome to our barn ~ I host and maintain this page because it's fun! It started years ago with the occasional emails I got from gamers who needed horses in their role playing and from individuals who show model horses, as well as many authors who needed horses for their stories, found my horses' photos on the web and wanted to use their descriptions. ~~~ Do you see one you like? Consider it yours. You're welcome to use any of these directly, use one as a template or combine traits and characteristics to create a completely new one. Many of the horses are listed under their real names. If they have a mundane name, I gave them a 'fantasy' name for this page. Authors of original works are encouraged to change the names of the horses who are named in Quenya or Sindarin or after characters in published books. Otherwise, feel free to use or change the names as is appropriate.



Description: Naharion is a black stallion, although his color shifts and shades from rich dark chocolate to glistening gold, reminiscent of the mighty Nahar himself. He has gleaming golden eyes, the color of raw honey, that captivate and enchant any who look into their depths. The unwary find themselves bent to his will, scratching his neck and feeding treats. When they're forced from his side, they find themselves forever longing to return.His only marking is a bright white four-pointed star on his forehead, with the lowest point extending about halfway to his nostrils.

Training and experience: Naharion and all his family suffered greatly in the hands of Darkness prior to their being recovered while Naharion was still young. The band was held, tucked in a far valley, in the loving care of a small family who kept them wild. Naharion was pressed into service as a mature stallion accustomed to caring for his own. He’s generous and kind-hearted with a strong work ethic, but he’s also highly opinionated and sometimes requires a delicately balanced blend of patience and firmness.

While Naharion is harness trained and elegant in fine harness, he has the strength and work ethic to be put to the plow during times of peace. Additionally, he’d be an excellent choice of mount for a Ranger or wandering Hero, having lived through the Darkness and in the Wilds, he’s especially tough and self-sufficient.

He’d be an equally excellent choice as a war horse and would probably be taken in by the lord of a house if not the King himself. He’s fierce and aggressive in battle and requires a warrior who is both an extraordinary fighter and rider to match his rage in the heat of battle.

Personal habits: He is quiet for a stallion. While he does keep a careful watch when he's in a new area, he isn't prone to call and fuss like so many stallions do. He will pace and fret if he's stalled alone and knows there are mares nearby. He works well alongside other stallions under saddle or in harness but can not be pastured with or near other stallions without fighting.

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