Welcome to our barn ~ I host and maintain this page because it's fun! It started years ago with the occasional emails I got from gamers who needed horses in their role playing and from individuals who show model horses, as well as many authors who needed horses for their stories, found my horses' photos on the web and wanted to use their descriptions. ~~~ Do you see one you like? Consider it yours. You're welcome to use any of these directly, use one as a template or combine traits and characteristics to create a completely new one. Many of the horses are listed under their real names. If they have a mundane name, I gave them a 'fantasy' name for this page. Authors of original works are encouraged to change the names of the horses who are named in Quenya or Sindarin or after characters in published books. Otherwise, feel free to use or change the names as is appropriate.



Her name means "Wanderer"

Description: Rána is an unusual bay mare. She’s predominately a deep, rich red with a thick, full, raven black mane and tail. She has heavy black masking on her face and black stockings on all four legs that shades up onto her hips and shoulders. Her markings are unusual enough to be striking and memorable as many bay horses will have distinct black points on a red body. Her black markings shade up her forelegs and gaskins in indistinct primitive markings, like a network of tiger stripes. Her dorsal strips extends down onto triangular patches on her neck, shoulders and hips for a unique and unusual look.

She's very gentle, patient and maternal toward children, and takes excellent care of them even on the most hazardous trails. Although she’s not tall, she’s quite stout and is an excellent mount for most ladies and even youths until they are ready to take the responsibility of a full-sized war-horse. She is small enough that a bold Hobbit or daring Dwarf could claim her as war-pony, but as good as she is with the children, anyone who thinks to take charge of her will have to very-well prove themselves and her attitude is such that not many would dare to do so.

Training and experience: Rána is a bold and self-sufficient mare who needs either a truly experienced rider who has the skill to direct her strong will, or a true novice who will allow her to care for them. She has an eagerness for the trail and an unflagging ambition in chasing the far horizon. While she is trained and competent in the arts of war, her compact size puts her rider at a disadvantage if they are riding against other Cavalry. Unless the situation is so desperate that even women and children are riding to battle, Rána is better used as a courier, or for journeys of any length.

Her real-life homepage: ASF WITNESS

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